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Dietitian's Job is More Than Weight Loss

As many people know that dietitians are professionals who help people with any diet-related

issues but that are not specifically their only job. Being a dietitian is mostly an ambiguous topic to

tremendous people. People think that dietitians are specialists that only focus on weight loss,

dietitians consume healthy meals at all times, and dietitians judge what others consume.

The profession of dietetics is super important to our current generation. The first question that a

dietitian or students in this field get asked is methods for weight loss. Obviously, it is a dietitian’s

job to assist people to maintain a healthy weight; however, it is not the only thing that they do.

Dietitians advocate for healthy eating and appropriate food choices to maintain a healthy happy

life as well as to prevent chronic diseases.

Nowadays, most people associate healthy eating with consuming fruits and vegetables and

never eating fast food, desserts, processed food, pizza and many more that are considered

unhealthy. Healthy eating has many definitions to different people but its true meaning is to have

a balanced diet between foods that are rich in nutrients, foods that you love. Dietitians eat

everything in balance to maintain energy, stay happy and live a disease-free life. They are not

terrified of food but instead, they think about it most of their days because food choices are

complicated due to the many factors involved. Dietitians always look for new recipes that don't

take time and effort, they think about their next meal, food in stores and restaurants, and food

that they crave and like.

Dietitians don't judge people around them on what they eat, instead, they love to see people

enjoying their meals. Most people call dietitians the food police which is just a big

misconception. They are supernormal when it comes to eating, like any other person unless

they are assessing patients. They advise patients that seek their help to assist them to achieve

their goals. That is by analyzing factors that are associated with food choices such as financial,

physical, and physiological factors.

We all have to work together to change the wrong perception that people have towards

dietitians. It is everyone's job to advocate for the actual job of a dietitian through social media,

posters, events, and socials to help clarify the misconception. Dietitians are super passionate

about helping people live healthy and happy life and they all should be appreciated for their

hard work.

By Dana A.


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