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What is SHEA?


The Students’ Human Ecology Association (SHEA) is a student club, which aims to promote the personal and professional development of all Brescia & University of Western Ontario students with an interest in nutrition, dietetics, food science and technology, human ecology and family studies. The SHEA Executive Team plans and executes activities keeping within the philosophy, objectives and goals of all programs at Brescia. We recognize the importance of networking, professional development and leadership in order for students to be successful upon graduation. SHEA participates in an annual national student conference, organizes professional development workshops and events, provides volunteering opportunities which are directly related to students' career interests, leadership opportunities within the Executive Team, networking with professionals at the local, provincial and national levels, and social activities!


Why Join SHEA?


SHEA is an excellent way for students to develop skills, learn, network with professionals, and become involved. These opportunities will allow you to be leaders among your peers, be recognized by your professors, and learn about your future profession!


How To Join SHEA


You have the opportunity to join SHEA & OHEA at any SHEA event.


SHEA memberships cost $10; OHEA memberships cost $30.79.


Contact Us



Facebook: SHEA (Students' Human Ecology Association)

Instagram: @brescia_shea

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