Meet SHEA's Executive Team for the 2019/2020 academic year! Feel free to approach any of the Executive Team members with questions or comments you may have or email us at sheaexec@gmail.com. To read our personal bios, check out our instagram page @brescia_shea!



VP Family Studies - Shelby Weaver 
Treasurer – Sarah Sequeira
President - Kylie Gonsalves 
DC Representative – Jessica Lindsay
VP Food and Nutrition - Ashley Wice 
Professional Representative – Nicholas Ducharme
Fundraising Director – Emily Guido
Volunteer Coordinator – Krista Charbonneau
Public Relations – Claire Sutherland
Slow Foods Representative – Emily Petch
Third Year Representative – Madonna Gergis
Second Year Representative – Emily Saunders

First Year Family Studies Representative – Katie Ferguson

Professional Development – Miranda Galati
Public Relations – Bridget Swanek
Fourth Year Representative – Dana Shala

First Year Foods Representative – Angelika Promny-Tavares

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