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Meet SHEA's Executive Team for the 2023-2024 academic year! Feel free to approach any of the Executive Team members with questions or comments you may have or email us at To read our personal bios, check out our instagram page @brescia_shea!



Winnie Su Pic.JPG
Emalee Photo.JPG
VP Family Studies - Paige Keller
VP Foods & Nutrition – Winnie Su
President - Emalee Murphy
Raven Hopper's Photo_edited_edited_edite
Fundraising Director -    Raven Hopper
Rachel Johnson's Photo_edited.jpg
Treasurer - Rachel Johnson
Community Coordinator -
Maya Cole
Dietitians of Canada Representative –
Maria Patricia Nieves Sanchez
Local Foods Representative - Heather Bao
Local Foods Representative – 
Heather Bao
Nirositha's Picture.png
EDID Representative – 
Nirositha Gunaratnam
Volunteer Coordinator – 
Liran Gong
Milana's Photo_edited.jpg
Nutrition Month Committee – 
Milana Pasquariello
Fundraising Committee – 
Hannah Klomps
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