Meet SHEA's Executive Team for the 2021-2022 academic year! Feel free to approach any of the Executive Team members with questions or comments you may have or email us at sheaexec@gmail.com. To read our personal bios, check out our instagram page @brescia_shea!



VP Family Studies - Mary-Jane Miller 
VP Foods & Nutrition – Rebecca Guay
President - Sarah Sequeira
Blog Coordinator -
Alexandra Lebrun
Treasurer - Madeleine Chu
Local Foods Representative –
Rose Krawczak
Volunteer Coordinator –
Leila McBeth
Public Relations – Madison Benoit
Professional Representative – 
Reeti Chopra
Dietitians of Canada Representative – Joelle Francis
Dietetics EDI Representative – 
Esraa Hassan
Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 15.24.24.png
First Year Foods & Nurition Representative – 
Paige Howlett
Fourth Year Representative –
Jessica Lindsay
Third Year Representative –
Chanelle Warren

Second Year Representative –

Dana Altatari