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Money Talks Workshops

This is a FREE workshop series that allows Western students (and affiliates) to increase their knowledge about money and learn valuable skills in financial wellness, including: BUDGETING, CREDIT, MONEY HACKS, and BANKING/INVESTING.

Participation in all four workshops will be acknowledged on one’s co-curricular record at the end of the school year.

Space is limited.

TIME: 5:30 – 7:30PM (dinner will be provided)


Workshop Sign-Ups

· Budgeting (Tuesday, October 15):

· Budgeting (Wednesday, October 23):

· Budgeting (Thursday, November 14):

· Credit (Wednesday, October 16):

· Credit (Thursday, October 24):

· Credit (Tuesday, November 18):

· 10 Money Hacks (Thursday, October 17):

· 10 Money Hacks (Monday, October 28):

· 10 Money Hacks (Tuesday, November 12):

· Banking/Investing (Monday, October 21):

· Banking/Investing (Tuesday, October 22):

Banking/Investing (Wednesday, November 13):

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