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Exciting Opportunity to join SHEA as Fundraising Director

The SHEA executive team is looking for a motivated individual to join our team as Fundraising Director. All students in Food & Nutrition and Family Studies are welcome to apply.

All executive members shall:

  • Hold their position until April 30, 2016

  • Have knowledge of the constitution of SHEA and of their respective duties.

  • Attend all SHEA meetings; executive and general Failure to attend 75% of all meetings will result in termination of position

  • Pass on information to the following years executive.

Responsibilities include:

  • To put on social, informative and fundraising events

  • To be responsible for advertising and promotion of fundraising events

  • Investigate potential fundraising activities, to participate, organize and promote fundraising events

Interested students should send a resume along with a brief description explaining your interest in this position to Emily Dobrich, SHEA President:

Deadline: September 25, 2015

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