Clothing options

Brought to you by SHEA! We're accepting orders for Brescia branded merchandise branded with the two Human Ecology faculties.


  • There are four clothing options available: hoodies, crewnecks, long sleeves or tees

  • There are two logo's available: School of Food and Nutritional Sciences or School of Behavioural and Social Sciences 

Club member discount

SHEA members will receive a 10% discount on their order! Please note there are two sets of pricing in the order form, so please take care to choose the correct one.

***CAFP members are now eligible to receive 10% off their order


If you select the wrong pricing option by mistake, this will be corrected when you receive your confirmation email.









All prices include HST.

Placing your order
  • All order form submissions must be received by Friday, February 26th at noon.

  • All payments must be received by Friday, February 26th at 4pm.



  1. Complete the order form below. An automated confirmation email will be sent to your UWO email account (check your junk folder).

  2. Print your confirmation email.

  3. In a sealed envelope please include your confirmation email and payment***.

  4. Write "clothing", your name and payment amount on the outside of the envelope.

  5. Bring your envelope and payment to the Food & Nutrition office, UH rm. 110.


***For payments:

  • Exact amounts should be included if paying by cash.

  • Cheques can be made payable to "Students' Human Ecology Association, SHEA".


Order pick-up

Orders will be ready for pick up during the 3rd week of March. You will be notified when and where orders will be available for pick up.


If you have any qustions at all, please contact us at sheaexec@gmail.com. Questions will not be answered by staff in UH110.